Egyptian experimental composer, performer, and synth player, Yunis is based between the western Delta province of Kafr El-Dauwar and Paris. He holds a deep belief in the sacredness of the traditional musical forms—not as stagnant, historical artifacts needing to be revived, but rather as living, evolving, artistic endeavors that can be endlessly disassembled and reconstructed. […]


Musician, video artist and puppeteer Yara Asmar weaves fabled dreamscapes, at once uncanny yet intimate and cozy, noises from a long-forgotten drawer in the Beirut studio she shares with her two cats (Mushroom and Fejlé). She incorporates the accordion and different electronics in her productions. “Her music is strange, adventurous, elongated and highly idiosyncratic” –  […]


An essential component in the steady ascension of the Croatian label Low Income $quad over the last couple of years, Strahinja has established himself as a prime mover for the whole local scene, stacking up releases on labels small and big, from PUPPY Tapes to BANK Records and Natural Sciences, via London’s Bliq and the […]


Richie Beige is a Kyivan DJ based in Warsaw. She gets inspired by a dark, synthetic ambiance as well as by the 90s era sounds. Having a unique sound, with her DJ sets Richie takes you on an adventure with a balanced blend of raw, hypnotic, fast techno with a pinch of trance, at times […]


The Ugandan conscious rapper and MC Ecko Bazz’s debut release Tuli Banyo with Kampala-based label Hakuna Kulala in 2018 and Kyusa Embela in 2019 earned him a cult following in the East African underground and global hip-hop and electronic music scene. Bazz has the “versatility and range of a superstar”, bending and mixing genres like […]

Cafe de
la Jungle

Cafe de la Jungle skillfully merges the rhythmic echoes of traditional tribal sounds with the cutting-edge beats of contemporary electronic music, crafting a spellbinding blend of cerebral and hypnotic rhythms. Immersed in the captivating world of synthesizer melodies and the evocative soundscapes of 90s video game music during his formative years, Thomas draws inspiration from […]


Big Murk grafts the sound of his childhood vernacular onto UK grime’s skittering drum patterns, all carefully reinforced with his characteristic fat, calculated basslines. Bristol-based independent Palestinian-Jordanian producer and MC delivers his DJ and hybrid Live sets as a quirky melting pot, chopping up grime, breaks, techno, UKG, electro, and GQOM into a chunky stew […]

Bambi Uzi

Bambi Uzi is a bass music DJ from Lodz, Poland. Lawyer, PhD, electronic music connoisseur. After many years of being a keen raver, in 2017 she made a leap behind the decks and has been having great fun there ever since. Since September 2022 she has been hosting her own radio show „The Bambi Uzi […]


ABUL3EES, Jerusalem-based rapper, producer and artist, left his mark in the Palestinian and regional hip-hop and rap scene with an endless stream of releases and collaborations. His unassuming, laid-back, and self-assured style comes in contrast to its settings. His complex, clever lyricism touches the personal as much as the political. A flow of honest self-dialogue, […]